The Hurricane Alley or the Devil’s Triangle all these are synonyms of Bermuda Triangle. The fundamental of this mysterious place is still unknown for many people. Even the government doesn’t have any sort of idea or proper detailing about the mysteries or sudden disappearance of planes and ships from this particular area. However, the territory of Bermuda Triangle is very close to the official route for the ports of America and Europe. So some believe that there is some sort of paranormal activity and some say that it’s just human errors. Well, in this era also we have some unsolved mysteries of Bermuda Triangle.

The world is a more mysterious place than we admit sometimes – there is more to the world than just human evil.

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Surely, this Bermuda Triangle’s mystery is the biggest mystery of all times and still, we have no answers to it. Now its been around 75 years from the sudden disappearance of the very first plane. The first-ever training plane got disappeared on a particular portion of the south-east tip of the ocean near the United States.

The origin & geographical area of Bermuda Triangle

To unlock the mystery of Bermuda Triangle it is important to understand the geographical status of that particular location. What is the origin point or what is the source due to which all these incidents are taking place? To be precise the Bermuda Triangle is a triangular portion which sits between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. It is a triangular zone of the North Atlantic Ocean and the calculated area is around 500,000 square miles to 1,500,000 square miles.

Geographical map of the bermuda triangle
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Maybe the origin started in the year 1492 or 1493 when Christopher Columbus started his journey to explore the world. When he travelled through the Atlantic Ocean he saw a mysterious meteor which landed on the ocean with lots of pressure and force. As he quoted there was a huge amount of light when the meteor crashed into the ocean. According to the records, this was the first incident which was recorded in that region. Many people believe that meteor is the source of origin of the Bermuda Triangle. Later Christopher Columbus confirmed that because of a meteor hit the compass reading was also not accurate. He tried several times and noticed that there were variations of compass reading in the nearby area after the meteor hit.

Some reported unsolved mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

The First Occurrence

In the 19th century, there was a world-famous sailor named Joshua Slocum. He was quite famous for travelling all around the world single-handedly. He decided to explore and sail into the nearby areas of The Devil’s Triangle.

Photo of sailor Joshua Slocum
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In 1909 he left the United States east coast portion, after that he was never noticed and seen in any part of the region. His disappearance is associated with the Devil’s Triangle. Lately, in 1924 he was declared dead legally, but his body is still not found.

The U.S. Battleship

One of America’s biggest cargo ship named USS Cyclops got disappeared. The ship was huge and it can carry around 300 people at a time and 10,000 tons of goods. On 16th February 1918, the ship started the journey from Brazil carrying around 300 people and while reaching Barbados it suddenly got disappeared.

rare pic of US Battleship AC-4
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The ship was capable of sending and receiving any type of emergency signal but then also the ship didn’t send any signal to the base. The entire 306 crew members were not found, even the search team was not able to find the USS Cyclops.

Mysterious Lost of Planes

In the year 1945, 5 bomber plane got vanished when they were just conducting a drill. A total of 5 planes carrying 27 people never get tracked and there was no emergency signal pushed by the planes. The government said there were no clues for there disappearance.

5 bombers planes flyng out
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This news was highlighted all around the globe. Later a help or the rescue mission of 13 people was started to search down the lost plane but they too never got tracked.

Disappearance of Commercial Flight

This commercial flight named DC-3 got vanished in the year 1948 when it was carrying 29 passengers. Till now there were only ships and airforce planes which were getting vanished. But this was the first time when a commercial flight was disappeared.

Commercial flight DC-3 getting ready to takeoff
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The flight started from San Juan to Miami. The course of the flight was set near from Bermuda Triangle. The researchers and other authorities were confirmed that there was some electrical glitch.

Another Cargo Ship Vansihed

The ship named Panamanian was a cargo ship which regularly travels for the shipment of cargo and other stuff. But in the year 1976, it got vanished when it was carrying 37 crew members. The Panamanian cargo ship was not a small ship in size it was huge and can carry tons of stuff. The rescue mission was not able to find the ship.

Disappearance of a Passenger Flight

A passenger plane with 30 passengers with the starting point of England to Bermuda got loss somewhere near the Delaware Bay and Bermuda. In an extensive search, it concluded that the flight was seen and it was off course. The plane and all 30 passengers is still an unsolved riddle.

Theories behind the Bermuda Triangle

Possible theories, research and other materials always come up with some new concepts and counter theories. According to a research team, there is a bunch of stone and some rocky formation due to which these incidents are taking place. However, the researcher does not have any answer related to the disappearance of planes. Even there are some counter theories related to the formation of gases like methane. Scientist believes that due to methane eruption the magnetic field gets unbalanced resulting in disturbance of compass navigation.

Explanation of counter theories of Bermuda Triangle
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That must be the reason why ships and planes got crash and they were unable to send distress signals to their base. Apart from all these theories several government agencies and private agencies have conducted extensive research to get the answer of all unsolved mysteries of Bermuda Triangle.

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After many search operations and research, the situation of the Bermuda Triangle is still the same, no solution or any development was found to solve this riddle. Even some experts believe that there is some sort of paranormal activities like events of UFO or aliens and some believe all these are just human errors. Anyhow, the government has put restrictions in that particular region so that movement of ship or plane can be restricted. Still, the government is working to solve the issue. So I hope you must have got an understanding of some unsolved mysteries of Bermuda Triangle. Thus for more mysterious related updates do visit trip limited.

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