A historic statement or rule was issued on 31st October 2019 which says that Jammu & Kashmir is no more a state and now its been constructed as a Union Territory of India. Now you may be curious that how come this statement may affect the tourism of Jammu or Kashmir. However, after this great decision, there was a boom in tourism for such a place. As from now, there will be complete freedom to access some great and famous places of Jammu. Back in the day tourist just imagine jammu as a great place to visit but were unable to visit freely. Now, thanks to the new decision all restrictions are lifted.

In the north portion of India, there are two union territories one is the Jammu and Kashmir which sits in the west direction. And another is the Ladakh which is on the east side. Winter Capital is the famous name of Jammu. The geographical size is around 26.64 sq km but still, it manages to hold some fantastic places and second position for the most populous city of this territory. Apart from its size in comparison with another district can you imagine jammu a place which is surrounded by the Himalayas and northern plains in both north and south direction.

The elevation of this district is around 900 – 1300 feet above the sea level. It borders with Shivalik range, the Himalayas and the Trikuta range which makes it a perfect destination for exploring and spending quality time with friends and family. Even the regional cuisines like Dogra dishes, Maani, Oria, Khameera, Kashmiri Pulao, Kulthein di Dal, Phirni, etc are quite famous. Tourist places and cuisines are the top attraction for visitors in Jammu.

So let’s discover some tourist places of Jammu:

1. Akhnoor Fort

Outer view of Akhnoor Fort at Jammu.
Image Source – Google|Image by – wikipedia.org

The construction for this fort was started in the year 1762 and it was completed in 1802. The fort sits near the river Chenab. This Akhnoor Fort was constructed by Raja Alam Singh and the fort is now under the direct observation of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). This is because the fort consists of some residue from the Harappan culture. Design of Akhnoor fort is quite interesting, on both the sides of the fort there is a watchtower which is still functional. Its unique construction, intricate design and classic architecture make it a perfect place to visit.

Distance from primary transportation:

Road – Around 30 km from Jammu bus stand.

Train – Tawi Railway Station, Jammu, 33 km.

Air – Jammu Airport is the nearest one.

2. Vaishno Devi Temple

It is one of the most famous temples in India. Every year millions of devotees visit this Vaishno Devi Temple. This Hindu pilgrimage centre is located at 5,200 feet above the sea level. It is dedicated to Hindu goddess Mahalakshmi, Trikuta, Ambe. The temple is in a limestone cave near Katra. It is also one of the holiest pilgrimages for Hindu society. Devotees have to travel a trek of approx 12 km to the temple, the facility of the helicopter is also available. Devotees have a special affection and religious importance for this shrine.

How to reach:

All travelling modes are well connected.

3. Raghunath Temple

Seven towers or dome of Raghunath Temple at Jammu.
Image Source – Google|Image by – jammuvirasat.com

The architecture of the temple is very remarkable as it has a mixture of Mughal architecture with Hindu mythology. In Jammu, it is one of the most famous sites for Hindu followers. The temple was completed in 1860. In the campus of Raghunath Temple, there are seven different shrines or sub-temple and each has its own tower. Every shrine or temple has an image or idol of Lord Vishnu. The prime or the main temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and at the entrance of the temple, you will find an image of Lord Hanuman. Inside the temple, you will find gallery and books related to Lord Shiva and other mythological resources.

Distance from primary transportation:

Bus – Nearest bus stand is the Jammu bus service.

Train – Temple is 7 km away from Jammu Station.

Air – Jammu Airport is the nearest one.

4. Shiv Khori

Huge entrance of the cave Shiv Khori at Jammu.
Image Source – Google|Image by – wikipedia.org

Many tourists who visit this territory and especially the Jammu district tends to imagine jammu a place where they will find amazing landscapes. But the truth is here the tourist will experience an amazing landscape with the blend of history, culture, mythology, spirituality and religion. And Shiv Khori is one of that example. This is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The cave is famous for the lingam (represents/symbol of Lord Shiva) which is completely natural and self-appeared. The entrance of the cave is wide, however, the width of the cave gets narrow as you move downwards. There are several other images of other gods and representation of snakes which makes this cave an interesting option to visit.

Timing: From 5 am to 7 pm in normal days.

Fees: No.

5. Bahu Fort

On the bank of Tawi river, you will see this giant Bahu Fort. This fort was constructed 3,000 years ago and still, the fort is intact. Here the material used for the making the fort is very hard and strong. After research, it was founded that the fort was built with sandstone and brick and it was mixed with lime for more durability. This fort sits at a height of 1,066 feet above the sea level and even has a religious aspect to it. Inside the fort, there is a famous temple of Goddess kali and it is also called Bahu Temple. The local people of Jammu knows the temple as “Bawe Wali Mata Mandir”. According to the history the temple was developed in the 8th century. Still during the festive season devotees come to attend the festival and worship their god. Bahu Mela (festive season) is the perfect time to visit here.

Distance from primary transportation:

Bus – 4 km away from the Jammu Bus Stand service.

Train – 4 km away from the Jammu railway station.

Air – 8 km away from Jammu Airport.

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In the end

The district Jammu is filled with many thoughts, some people imagine it a place for politics and some imagine jammu like a perfect destination. One prime element is the endless possibilities of tourism. You will witness mesmerizing destinations with a rich friendly culture. Experience the hospitality and scenic beauty of Jammu. For more fresh travel content stay with trip limited.

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