Now, it is clear that for a while, we all have to limit ourself and take careful steps when it comes to travelling. It is our duty to follow all the instructions and safety guidelines issued by the government for travelling purposes. In this pandemic situation, we should know how to travel safely. You should not travel unless and until there is an emergency. However, slowly-slowly things are getting to its original state, whereas, businesses and travel industries are now re-opening. Yes, still, there is some particular region where travel is not allowed but, most of the place on this globe is now open for all.

The government health agencies have released a notification for travellers. If you have planned a trip somewhere near Europe or Asia region, then you must follow all instructions. The most trusted and government agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of America has issued some recommendations like checking of temperature, wearing a mask and fulfilling all necessary procedures before transit.

Start of Pandemic

In this period of this widespread virus, the only question left is how to travel safely. However, the first occurrence of this pandemic began last year in December. Wuhan in China is the birthplace of this global crisis situation spread across the globe. This virus spread from the seafood market, a small market place in Wuhan. Its tendency is to, spreads between humans and mammals and, it results in serious respiratory infection, which leads to pneumonia and other lung diseases.

Thus now at the end of 2020, the situation is currently stable in most of the countries. And frequently, new developments and guidance are issued in the public domain to stop the spread of the virus.

Steps to Ensure Your Travel Safety

Safety is the most, important aspect while travelling in these crises. So here are some of the safety measures that one should follow during a transit:

1. It is very necessary to check the status of reported cases in last 7 or 12 days.

2. Check the status of a destination, whether it’s opened or not. All the travel recommendations are mentioned here. You can check the status of the country and plan your travel according to it.

3. Several places are now opened for tourist, yet there are some places where the spread is still active. So do check out whether the country has lifted the restrictions on travellers or not.

4. Different modes of travel are available like Train or Bus travel, Air travel, Car travel. In most of the places, all major transportation facility is resumed. All the safety measures like regular temperature check, sanitization etc. are mandatory stuff and should be performed regularly. However, if you are considering private or car travel, do remember to clean the entire vehicle and avoid close contact with other people.

5. It is very necessary to opt for travel insurance. In this current pandemic situation, personal or travel insurance is mandatory. This way, you will not only cover yourself, on the contrary, but you are also improving the financial condition of your country.

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6. Whenever you are in a public place like stations or airport, do wear a mask. For now, wearing a mask is the only vaccine. Only use such mask which, is labelled as N95 or triple-layered which covers your entire nose and mouth.

7. Maintaining proper Social distancing is necessary. You should not stay close to a person, at least maintain, the distance of 6 feet. Adequate, distance will lessen the risk.

8. Stop touching mouth, nose and eyes regularly. If you are in a contact with a sick person, then avoid touching your face.

9. Always use hand sanitizer to clean your hand. A sanitizer which has at least 60% of alcohol content in it, is the best sanitizer to use. However, if you don’t have a hand sanitizer then do wash your hands for minimum 20 seconds with soap and water regularly. However, it is good to pack an extra set of hand sanitizers.

10. Avoid exchange of currency or any document, go online. One of the major, factors of spreading the disease is the physical exchange of currency or other tangible items. So the best solution is to go online, check your travel tickets online, consider doing transactions online. Nowadays, online procedures are fast, secure and safe.

Precautions After Travelling

Now, after knowing how to travel safely, you should know what all precautions you need to take afterwards. There might be some chances that you have been exposed to the virus and, you are still in the incubation period. So what next you need to do? The first thing which you must consider while returning to your home town is going for isolation. This way, you will not affect your friends, colleague and family members.

However, if you are not infected, then it’s a piece of good news but, for safety issues, you need to follow these protocols:

1. Immediately isolate yourself in a separate room for 14 days. Wait till the incubation period is over.

2. Regularly check your body temperature.

3. If in emergency need to go outside, then maintain at least 6 feet distance from others. Avoid attending mass gatherings.

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4. During isolation do wear a mask, this will decrease the risk of spreading the diseases to other family members.

5. Before using any stuff from the room, clean your hands with soap water or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

6. If symptoms like high-temperature or breathlessness occur, then contact with state emergency helpline immediately.

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Following government guidelines and taking necessary precautions is very crucial and helpful in today’s scenario. So you must start your work again while maintaining social distancing and other safety measures. Stay Safe & Stay Healthy.

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