One of the famous thing one shall notice while travelling in India is the variety of food of central India. Whether it’s a five-star hotel or street food you just can’t stop eating. More than 50% of Indians regularly eats street food, this is because they get variety and its way cheaper in comparison to hotels and restaurants. Every part of India has some sort of special dish. But central india food is quite famous throughout the country.

Well, it is not wrong to say that dishes from Madhya Pradesh which is the central part of India, leads in the list of some of the best foods. Due to the popularity of such foods, the five-star hotels and brands have started to sell this food as a packed product after getting approval from central food laboratory india. All dishes are prepared with traditional way and include a certain amount of masala and vegetables. However, if you are on a trip to India you can find these tasty dishes anywhere.

Lets go on a delicious ride of central india food:

1. Chole Naan

Plate full of Chole Naan
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Chole Naan is somewhat similar to the Punjabi dish Chole Bhature. Here the core ingredient “Chole” is the same but instead of Bhature, Naan is used. Chole is the Indian name of garbanzo beans and Naan represents as a flatbread. This dish is hugely famous in the central region of India and it is a revamped version of the Punjabi dish. The garbanzo beans are boiled and then fried with spices and vegetables as a process to make curry. Naan is a made up of maida, deep-fried and shaped like a flatbread. It is served with a slice of onion and green chilly.

2. Pav Bhaji

Displaying Pav Bhaji
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Pav Bhaji is considered as fast food but it can be taken as a lunch or dinner. It is also another famous dish available in India. This yummy dish is a combination of Pav which is the soft bread with a gravy of thick vegetables. The curry consists of raw vegetables, spices, onions, potato, garlic, beans, carrot and other ingredients. All the stuff is fried and then mixed with all vegetables until it is turned into a gravy. The soft bread is fried in oil and served with hot gravy and with a bunch of onion and green chillies.

3. Poha & Jalebi

Image of a plate full of Poha and Jalebi.
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Poha Jalebi is the breakfast of the nation. In almost 90% of India, you can find and enjoy this super breakfast. Poha is made up of flattened rice and Jalebi is prepared through maida and sugar syrup. The taste of poha is a bit spicy and it is balanced with Jalebi. Street vendors start the preparation of Poha & Jalebi from 6 in the morning so that they can serve it as soon as possible.

4. Biryani

Rice with lots of spices and vegetables.
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Biryani is famous Mughlai dish which is also famous in Hyderabad and Lucknow. This dish has two variants veg and non-veg. You can consider eating according to your choice. Biryani is basically steamed or boiled rice which is mixed with different vegetables, raw food and lots of masalas. If you are on a trip to India then you must consider eating this delicious dish. It is easily available in all restaurants.

5. Bhindi Masala

Plate with raw Okra and fried Okra.
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Okra or widely known as ladies finger is the core ingredient of Bhindi Masala. Bhindi Masala is a dish which is served as a lunch or dinner dish. The flexibility of the dish is that it can be served with either Poori or Naan. Bhindi is stuffed with lots of spices and a mixture of vegetables and onions. It is a spicy dish and it is classified as a top-rated food of central india.

6. Chaat

Three plates with Chaat filled in it.
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Chaat means a mixture of all snacks. It consists of several food products but mainly of boiled potatoes, baked papadi, sev, garbanzo beans and other ingredients. Mostly it is served with different chutneys like green or red chutney. The taste of Chaat is quite spicy. There is no specific time to consume it, however, the evening is the most peak hours when the street vendors prepare it.

7. Kebab

Grilled Seekh Kebab
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This list is not only for vegetarians and Kebab is the next non-vegetarian food product in our list. Kebab has different varieties like Tandori Chicken Oven, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Mushroom Tikka Kebab, Seekh Kebab, etc. The Kebab is made through the meat of chicken, mutton, etc. The Kebab is mixed with all masalas, other raw vegetables, spices and then finally the grilling process starts. Kebab is the favourite dish for non-vegetarians.

8. Dal Bafla

Bafle balls in a bowl.
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If you are a tourist to India and trying Dal Bafla for the first time then you can’t consume more than one plate. Dal Bafla is a central india food. The traditional way of preparing Dal Bafla is by preparing it with a mixture of wheat flour turning it into a size of the small balls. Later these flour balls are baked in ash(residue of fire) and dipped in original Ghee (clarified butter). And the Dal (yellow split peas) is prepared by boiling it. Hence, it is served hot with green chillies.

9. Aloo Puri

Aloo and Puri in a single plate.
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Aloo Puri is another famous yet simple food of central india. This is the only food in this list which can be tweaked and still it will be the same in taste and look. The Puri’s is prepared by wheat flour and fried in oil. Firstly, the Aloo (potato) is boiled and then preparation of gravy is done with the mixture of vegetables and species. Thus Aloo Puri is the primary meal for everyone belonging to central India.

10. Grated Corn (Bhutte Ka Kees)

Grated Corn with other ingredients
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In India grated corn is known as “Bhutte ka kees“. Here the corn is grated well then fried with the mixture of species and vegetables. In this way, the grated corn becomes a healthy breakfast for your entire family. This is a typical breakfast which you can find with street vendors as well as in a restaurant. It is one of the most authentic dishes of central India.

11. Palak Puri

Bunch of Palak Puri's.
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Palak Puri is something which is healthy and tasty at the same time. This delicious dish from central India is widely famous and easily available. This Palak Puri is prepared with a mixture of spinach with the dough of wheat and all spices. Later all the puri’s is shallow fried in oil. All the Puri’s can be served with gravy or chutney.

12. Moong Dal Halwa

Bowl full of Moong Dal Halwa.
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Moong Dal Halwa is the perfect option for sweet. It is one of the most famous and loved sweet dish in the country. It is not limited to the central region. The Moong Dal Halwa is delicious and loaded with lots of sweetness. It is made up of split yellow mung lentils with the incorporation of milk, sugar or jaggery, nuts and dry-fruits. Always serve this Moong Dal Halwa hot.

13. Kulfi Falooda

Image of Kulfi Falooda.
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The Kulfi Falooda is listed as a beverage which is quite rich in taste. Kulfi Falooda is primarily consumed in the summer season. The major ingredients of Kulfi Falooda are the sabja seeds which is also known as tukmaria seeds. It is prepared with falooda sev, kulfi, rose syrup and some fine chopped dry fruits and served immediately. However, your trip to India is incomplete without Kulfi Falooda.

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So these were some of the best and most popular food of central india. This way your next trip to central India may help you in finding the best food for you. Thus for more travel-related stuff do visit trip limited.

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