After a long break now the situation is getting normal and destinations are now re-open for tourist. So why don’t visit a place which is full of joy and entirely natural. The Bahamas is the perfect place to explore and visit in 2020. With the total area of 13,878 sq km and 28% of the surface is covered underwater makes it even more interesting. The country consists of chains of islands which is approximately spread over 800 kilometres towards the Atlantic Ocean. Thus which results in making more than 700 islands. The Bahamas beaches is sprinkled over the country, you can find a beach in almost all part of the country.

Speaking of beaches and islands, visiting these geographical areas is a treat. Nowadays life is so offbeat, so to make it more curious and fantastic a tour to such beaches is quite necessary and healthy in terms of physical and mental calmness.

Let’ see some famous beaches in this stunning caribbean destination:

Pink Sand Beach – Harbour Island

Tourist enjoying on the beach
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Pink Sand Beach is the favourite beach for all tourist. Even on Google, it is ranked as one of the best beaches of Bahamas. This beach is present in Harbour Island. Even the geographical condition is also a major factor for the popularity of this beach. The beach is stretched over 3 miles which means that it seems like endless and around 100 feet wide. The pink coloured sand is the major attraction of this beach. The colour of the sand is the output of a micro-organism which is called Foraminifera. These organisms are solely responsible for making the beach extraordinary.

Treasure Cay Beach – North Abaco

Long visible coastline
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The vibrant blue shiny water of Treasure Cay Beach is the prime attraction of this beach. On the list of Bahamas beaches, the Treasure Cay beach has made its entry. Bluewater with soft sand is the perfect combination for a beach walk with your spouse. The never-ending sea will remind you of the beauty and presence of nature. After a long chat while walking on the beach you can rest on the beachside and enjoy the warm sunlight. The Treasure Cay resort is also nearby that provides facilities like bar, club. Take a bear and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Cabbage Beach – Paradise Island

crystal clear water on cabbage beach
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Cabbage Beach is the major tourist attraction for those who love to do water adventure. This beach is best to spend time with your friends. Take a day off from your work, get your team and hunt down the treasures in the Cabbage beach. The beach is like a paradise where you will find all resources to fulfil your enjoyment. Good transportation facility is also there, now you can access this beach from any part of the country.

Tahiti Beach – Abacos

Portion of sand bar
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One of the best things about Tahiti beach is that you can take a walk on the sand bar which is spread on the shore. The best time to explore the sand bars is in low tide. During the low tides, the water of the beach is very low and you can literally walk on the provided sand route and can explore the new opportunities. Beautiful crystal clear water, soft sand, coconut trees, sand stretch on the beach and mesmerizing environment will turn your day into a memorable memory.

Pleasure Island Beach – Great Stirrup Cay

Taking warm sunlight on beach
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To feel a new adventure and explore new sea life through diving seems to be great fun. A similar fun experience can be gained in the Pleasure Island beach and it is listed as one of the best in all Bahamas beaches. This beach is present in the Great Stirrup Cay Island which is also known as the Pleasure Island. However, there are lots of adventurous material that you can discover like exploring marine life, taking a sailboat, seeing new species of lizard or seagulls. Finally, rest on the white shiny sand under the warm sunlight.

Sandy Toes Beach – Rose Island

Feeding pigs, part of swimming pig tours
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If it’s your first visit to the Bahamas, then, first of all, you need to visit Sandy Toes Beach. This beach is present in the Rose Island and the good thing is that it is just 25 minutes away from the Nassau the capital city of Bahamas. This way you will cover a wide area and interesting destinations like Sandy beach, Paradise Island, Nassau, etc. The Sandy beach has so much to offer for its visitors like private tours, bachelors party, excursion for the entire day, swimming pig tours and much more other stuff.

Tiamo Resort Beach – South Andros Island

Relax on Tiamo Resort Beach
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The Tiamo Resort Beach is counted as one of the most luxurious beaches of Bahamas. It is present in the South Andros Island. However, it is also the silent beach because of its less population. The beach is less crowded and visitors who love peace and less chaos only visit the island. In the Tiamo beach experience the white sand, crystal clear water with the combination of lots of palm trees. You also have the option to enjoy the never-ending sea while having a bunch of drinks from the various resorts available on the beach. Lie down on an easy chair facing towards the sea and relax under the palm tree and enjoy the cool breeze.

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In the end

To understand, experience and feel the beauty of nature can only be possible by visiting the Bahamas. The Bahamas beaches are the perfect choice for a fun vacation trip with your family or friends. There are lots of things to do and many see and do stuff which is entirely magnificent. Apart from vacation here you have so much to explore and learn. Now, most of the destinations are re-opening so in this scenario, a tourist spot with the merger of nature must be a perfect choice.

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