Bolivia is said to be entirely a landlocked country which means that the country is not sharing its border with any sort of ocean, sea or basin. The country is completely packed with territory borders. It is present in the western-central part of South America. Despite being the fifth largest country in South America, Bolivia is still untouched by many tourists. However, Bolivia is loaded with tons of places that you can visit and believe me there are numerous things to do. Even the UNESCO has proclaimed about some great sites over here.

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Bolivia stands on the 27 number of the largest country in the world in terms of area. The country is rich in its resources like copper, tin, silver, minerals, lithium, etc. Overall, Bolivia is a very beautiful country, its true that it doesn’t have hundreds of mesmerizing places like other countries or cities have. Hence, you will find some really interesting and authentic places which you will never forget in your life. And one more aspect that will prove more helpful for a tourist is, less of disorder or chaos. In many famous places, you will often see a huge amount of tourist which creates chaos for a moment. However, Bolivia is full of peace and silence. Hence, an underrated place will surely provide some crucial time to spend with your friends and family.

So lets begin the journey of 10 best places to visit in Bolivia.

1. La Paz

La Paz is a city present in the west-central area of Bolivia. The city got its discovery in the year 1548. It is also known as the capital city for political and economical stuff. The geography of the city is quite interesting you will experience valleys, canyons, river and mountains which makes the city close to nature. The city sits on a high altitude due to which the close by areas and entire surroundings looks amazing and beautiful.

Tourist walking on the streets of La Paz.
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La Paz is also rich in culture, from the older times it consists of cathedrals, museums and other cultural centres. Some of the primary museums which you should visit are Museo Costumbrista, Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Museo del Oro (The Gold Museum), Museo del Litoral, Museo del Charango, Museo de Historia Natural, Feria de Alasitas, etc. The two cathedrals that are famous over here are San Francisco Church, Metropolitan Cathedral.

2. Copacabana and Lake Titicaca

Before travelling to a place you should make a list of some famous places. Similarly, the Copacabana and the Lake Titicaca is a must place to visit and should be on your list. However, don’t get confused with the Copacabana beach present in Rio de Janeiro. The Copacabana is a town which sits on the shore of Lake Titicaca. Well, talking about the population the town consists only 5000 to 6000 people. Thus you will experience a less crowded place and can appreciate the beauty of nature.

View of lake Titicaca
Image by Pato Lorenzini from Pixabay

You can also consider visiting the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. It represents the magnificent structure of the Spanish colonial shrine. This shrine was made in the 16th century and it has an image of Virgen de Copacabana. Whereas, the Lake Titicaca is a must place to recommended place to visit. If you are at Copacabana then Lake Titicaca will draw all your attention. The market place near the lake is a good place for shopping. The lake houses many islands but Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna are the most famous and the largest island. Do consider visiting these islands. The lake also houses around 500 aquatic species.

3. Salar De Uyuni

If you are assuming that Bolivia doesn’t contain any world-famous place then your assumption is going to end. Welcome to the Salar de Uyuni, it is a salt flat or also called salt pans. The place is entirely covered with salt and with some other minerals. Due to bright sunlight, the entire place looks like a desert of salt. This Salar de Uyuni is spread over 10,000 kilometres which resides at the elevation of 11,995 feet above the sea level.

Salar de Uyuni has always attracted tourist as it is the only place which is highly popular amongs visitors. It is true to say that Bolivia is famous for Salar de Uyuni. To view this picturesque in real is entirely a magnificent feeling. Ground completely covered with sky and it looks like a reflection of sky. The salt patches is in a hexagon shape, the thickness of the salt is around 10 meters. Here you may find some train cemetery and hotels. Largely the hotels are not operation now. But you can view the train cemetery, it was used to transfer the goods.

4. Potosi

Potosi is a city which has lots of destinations near around. In earlier days the city was known as Villa Imperial de Potosí. The city is present at an altitude of 13,400 feet above the sea level making it one of the highest established city in the world. The city itself has much historical importance but most of the tourist attractions are available in the outskirts of the city.

Some of its major tourist attractions are the silver mines of Potosi. Now this mine is open for tourist also. The mine is now divided into many levels. Next place you can visit is the Torotoro National Park which is spread in an area of 16,570 hectares. The National Park is on the north side of the Potosi. If you are a person who is into history and wildlife then you must visit Huayllas Mountain. It is said that Huayllas Mountain has the footprint of Dinosaur. Even it also has the fossils and other specimens which are dated around 80 million years old. Due to this, the Huayllas mountains are one of the most visited sites.

5. Sucre

Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia. It is primarily famous for the structure and architecture throughout the city. In terms of population, it is the sixth most populated city of Bolivia. You will see a deep integration of Spanish art and culture as the city visited the colonial era. Sucre is a place which is packed with cathedrals and with other monuments.

Finding the footprints of Dinosaurs at Cal Orcko
Image by Oscar Castillo from Pixabay

Due to its artistic structure and colour, the city is named as “White City”. Tourists find the place attractive and engaging as it contains something for everyone. If you are a sort of art lover then the local museums are the perfect place for you. However, if you move to the outskirts of the city you will find Cretaceous Park, Cal Orcko where you may find interesting wildlife and in Cal Orcko you can view the footprints of dinosaurs.

6. North Yungas Road

Till now you might be thinking that Bolivia is quite simple and a good destination for peace and art lovers. But this concept is wrong Bolivia is well equipped with some places that are quite interesting and adventurous. The North Yungas Road is a sort of things to do in Bolivia. This route connects La Paz city to the Yungas and this route is also known as “Death Road”.

It is listed as one of the most dangerous routes on planet earth but it will give you real thrill and chills. The adventure is yet not over first of all you need to climb up the route of approx 4600 meters to the La Cumbre Pass and then leap downwards to approximately 1200 meters to reach Coroico. By leaping downwards you have to be very careful as it is denoted one of the most dangerous downhill routes in the world. The entire North Yungas Road is only for adventure lovers.

7. Valley of the Moon

The place is 15 miles away from San Pedro. Well, don’t worry about transportation, you can easily reach your destination through a rented car. The valley looks like a giant place filled with mountains of clay and sandstone. The Valley of the Moon is not a man-made structure hence it is entirely natural. It is also represented as one of the beautiful landscapes of Bolivia.

Valley of the moon
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One of the important thing while visiting Valley of the Moon is that it should be visited under the guidance of a guide or local people. This is because the entire valley is sort of a maze. You will find many canyons and mountains that are completely hodgepodge. After all, visiting Valley of the Moon and viewing a sunset is a risk worth taking it.

8. National Park Toro Toro

The National Park Toro Toro is for nature lovers, it is present in the north portion of Potosi. Well, talking about its geology the National Park is designed and organised in a good format. It not only contains several types of species but also some historic sites. Some of the historic sites are Umajalanta cave, El Vergel waterfall, Itas City, Petrified dinosaur tracks, Cave paintings, Garrapatal canyon.

Top view of National Park Toro Toro
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Therefore, the Garrapatal Canyon is a must-watch, the estimated deepness of this canyon is around 400 meters. Our other destination is the Itas City which takes you to an era of the stone age. However, it can be treated as a museum, here you will find different traces, impression and fossils of products that are truly handmade with the help of stones, etc. If you want to explore some old stuff then Umajalanta cave is a perfect choice for you. The formation of icicles can be seen here, it is the deposit of mineral or calcium that hangs from the roof section of the cave and it takes millions of years to reach in such stage.

9. Madidi National Park

Visiting Madidi National Park is like a dream come true. First of all the park is truly amazing and secondly the greenery it has resembled Amazon Rain forest. This National Park is situated in the northeast region in the upper Amazon river basin of the city La Paz. The geography of Madidi indicates that it starts from the Andes and ends all the way to Amazon. Madidi National Park is a massive park which is spread across 18958 square kilometres. In 1995 the park was properly formed.

Territory of Madidi National Park
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There are many things which makes this National Park one of the best National Parks of Bolivia. You can easily spot almost every species of animals, according to the records the Madidi National Park hosts around 6000 species. So if you are a wildlife lover then you have soo much to explore here. The availability of tour guide programme is present in the Park. Opt for tour guide facility to explore every section of this beautiful National Park.

10. Oruro Carnival

Experience one of the most electrifying carnival of South America is the Oruro Carnival. The carnival conveys the customs, tradition of the country. It is mainly the representation of their culture and religion. The Carnival of Oruro is celebrated since the 18th century. Every time more than 40 groups present their folk dance that is dedicated to Our Lady of Candle. The carnival is conducted every year on Saturday before the Ash Wednesday.

Dancers performing in the Oruro Carnival at Bolivia
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More than 20,000 dancers, take part in the carnival and represent their culture. Total 40 to 50 groups present their cultural programs, apart from all these presentation 100 bands and around 10,000 musicians showcase on parade which lasts for around 20 hours. UNESCO acknowledged this Oruro Carnival as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

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In the end

Well, these were some best places in Bolivia where you can enjoy and can find many things to do. However, Bolivia is always underrated and not considered as a great destination for holidays or vacation. Most of the places and sites that are mentioned here are well connected to the city and travellers can find easy transportation to all these places. In short, Bolivia is a great place with lots of adventure and you must consider visiting Bolivia in future. So for more travel related updates do visit trip limited.

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