According to science, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. The liquid is very, essential it manages your entire human body system. Therefore, one of the best worldwide drink is Water. However, it totally depends upon your mood that which, beverages you need to drink. There are hundreds of drinks which are available in bars or restaurants. Every drink has different qualities like some are sharp, and some are salty. But if you are a traveller, then you must know some best beverages to drink in the world.

In some countries, drinks are mandatory after dinner. Well, in parties numbers of beverages are served. All these have different qualities which keep you refresh and energized. Even the tourist always keep a couple of beverages with them, so that they may feel happy and refreshed every time they travel to a new destination. Delicious food with an exquisite drink can enhance the moment of family gathering. Thus here is the list of beverages which are famous and served different parts of the world.


Lady preparing Tea.
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One of the most famous appetizers in the world is hot Tea, and it is available in almost every country. It is the perfect mixture of water, milk, aroma and taste. Well, the correct time for drinking tea is in the morning and evening, but, everyone consumes it according to their mood and occasion. Tea sets a perfect mood for strangers to start there talk. In most of the seminars, business meetings, concerts and in day to day life this brew is consumed. It is available in several variants like black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc. There is no age bar for drinking this brew. It is a good and healthy way to start your morning.


A cup of coffee
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

The second competitor for tea is Coffee. Espresso is the primary and traditional name of this beverage. It is also served worldwide and made with the roasted beans which later brewed in boiling water. Coffee has many medicinal properties to it. It keeps you energized, burns down the fat and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes. Some people who don’t like to drink tea or other liquids, so they opt for coffee. You can easily find different varieties of coffee all over the world.


Iced margarita
Image by kan chansathya from Pixabay

What comes in your mind when a famous drink is served all over the world in restaurants and bar? Yes, it is the Margarita. It is basically a Mexican based cocktail. The base of Margarita consists of lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur. This drink is prepared, in many ways, restaurants serve it with ice or with different flavours like fresh lime juice, apple cinnamon, fruit sodas, etc. Now, this drink is not specific to Mexico, you can have it in any part of the world. It is one of the best drinks for tourists as it is world-wide famous and easily available.


There is a huge ongoing debate, whether Soup should be listed in beverages or not. However, it is a mixture of specific herbs, vegetables and spices. It is always consumed before the meal so that the digestion process must be smooth. It is the only beverage which, is considered before a meal. Nowadays soups are available in many flavours like chunky tomato soup, cheese soup, chicken pasta soup, split pea soup, etc. There are approximately hundreds of soups available around the world. In almost every part of the world, you may find a new variety of soups which may include different vegetables and ingredients.

Root Beer

A glass of root beer.
Markmark28, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is famous as a non-alcoholic drink which looks completely identical to a beer. However, after taking a sip, you can easily tell that it doesn’t have any alcohol content. Basically, the Root Beer was introduced because it has great medicinal properties to it. It is made, with the roots of sassafras root which is a plant species found in North America. The taste of this beer is sweet and, it is also caffeine-free. This beer is made with the artificial flavour of sassafras as the government has banned the use of original sassafras. But still, some herbs are used in it which maintains the taste of this beer.


Glass full of chilled mimosa
Photo by Sam Hojati on Unsplash

Mimosa is also listed as one of the best beverages. It is a simple cocktail drink which, is served chill and, it makes your breakfast special. You may have also seen chilled citrus drink been served, in parties and functions, it is the mimosa. This drink is prepared, with a little content of wine in addition to citrus juice such as orange juice. Enjoy this wonderful, drink with your friends while enjoying on a beach.


The origin of this, wonderful beverage happened in Spain. It is similar to coffee in looks and nature. Actually, it is a variety of espresso, made with the little amount of milk mixed with content of espresso. Therefore, the hot milk is added to reduce the bitterness of it, which makes it an ultimate drink. Cortado is a famous brew in Spain, Europe. This brew is not easily, available in every part of the world you can only manage to drink it in some bars and restaurants in Spain.


Mojito cocktail with mint leafs.
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Mojito is an ultimate refreshing drink of Cuba, North America. This summer drink is quite famous among the tourist, as it is a cocktail which is also refreshing in nature. It is made, with the combination of mint, lime juice, white rum, soda water and sugar syrup content. The preparation of mojito takes a sugar syrup with mint leaves. Later the mixture is rubbed gently to extracts the oil in it. After this, the white rum is mixed in the sugar syrup. Now the drink is ready to be served chill with ice or soda water.

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These were some famous best beverages to drink in the world. Tourist can enjoy all these drinks while travelling to different countries. All such drinks are available to enjoy in their respective destination. Thus, travelling is incomplete without proper food and drink. So what have you decided which is your favourite beverages? Enjoy drinking and be fresh and energized. Therefore, for more travel-related updates do visit trip limited.

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