On this planet earth, there are many places which are still untouched and mysterious in nature. Well, in some cases it is difficult to understand the reason for this mysterious or terrifying scenario. However, as a tourist, you never know what is the history or background of a particular place. So it is good to know each and everything before planning for a location. Mysterious places in the world is a quite intriguing topic for many people and they find it interesting.

Many unexplained places are in the direct control of the government and some are left open for the sake of tourism. On some places, a team of qualified engineers and scientist are working constantly 24 hours to decode the mystery. Similarly, nowadays everyone wants to decode the mystery and for it, they search mysterious places on google maps. Thus finding and exploring such stuff is not easy.

Therefore get ready to attain all the information on some of the most mysterious places in the world:

1. Crooked Forest – Poland

pine trees at crooked forest
Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

The first mystery which is still unsolved is the Crooked Forest of Poland. As the image tells you that around 400 trees are naturally curved in a particular manner. There are 400 plus pine trees in this Gryfino village which is in the West Pomerania of Poland, and all the trees were planted in the year 1930. All 400 trees are naturally grown in this particular shape, they all are bent sideways forming a curve. A curve of 1 to 3 meter and then back to its natural state. Many types of research and scientific team have analysed the environment but nothing conclusive evidence or result was found. Hence it is now one of the best tourist attraction of Poland.

2. Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

Triangular region of Bermua Triangle
Image Source – Google|Image by – Bermudan_kolmio.jpg: Alphaiosderivative work: -Majestic- / Public domain

In the history of mankind, one of the most terrifying and world-famous incidents is the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is loosely known as the Devil’s Triangle. A particular triangular region in the North Atlantic Ocean is the mysterious place where incidents like the disappearance of the plane, crash ships, mysterious lost of commercial and passenger planes, ships, etc. are happening. The first earliest recorded incidence was in the year 1950, in the triangular region between San Juan, Bermuda, Puerto Rico. It is estimated that the Bermuda Triangle is spread over an area of around 500,000 sq mi. Scientists and researchers are still finding out the correct reason behind the disappearance of ships and planes.

3. Bran Castle, Transylvania – Romania

Bran Castle covered in greenery.
Image by danieldudu from Pixabay

The Bran Castle is also known as Dracula’s Castle. Now, this castle is framed as an open museum for all visitors. Now visitors can enjoy, explore this place and learn new things and understand the various legend behind the castle. The castle is present on the mountain named Izvorul Călimanului at a height of 6,670 feet above the sea level. There are many myths about the castle like the Dracula and his son Vlad the Impaler, Wallachian kings, and other mysterious figures. These characters have a strong influence in developing the stories for the castle. How many are true and adequate can only be founded by visiting the castle. However, now the castle is hugely popular and a great visiting site.

4. Nazca Lines, Peru

Random lines in the nazca lines in peru.
Image by Monika Neumann from Pixabay

First time in the history when a mysterious place or thing is listed on the site of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Nazca Lines is one of them, which is kind of imprinted on the desert of Southern Peru. According to the research, it was made somewhat 500 BCE. These lines are not simple or naturally generated lines instead they were created by some powerful being in the ancient era. Only via an aerial view, these lines can be seen. Some of the recognisable design is fish, human, dog, monkey, lizard, etc. Group of an archaeologist is studying the lines and figuring out how and why they were created.

5. Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga is a very small place in the northeastern part of India in the state of Assam. This place is a hill station but now it is famous as a place where birds commit suicide. Yes, you heard correct, a place where birds commit suicide. In this small town Jatinga, everyday few birds were found dead in the morning. On the first glance, it looked like some kind of natural phenomena but later when it got continued then there were theories regarding it. The locals say that there is some sort of evil spirit in the sky due to which the birds got killed. Later when a team of science and research analysed and said that due to heavy fog at night the group of birds faces difficulties while flying, which results in crashing with trees and building. Hence, the exact reason is still unknown.

6. Eternal Flame Falls, United States

fire flame beneath the waterfall
Image Source – Google|Image by – By Rory Szwed – my own, Public Domain, Link

Eternal Flame Falls is also listed as one of the mysterious places in the world. This place is present in the Chestnut Ridge Park which is in the western region of New York. The flame is easily visible to everyone, and also a wonder to see. A constant waterfall and in the middle of it a continuous fire flame. According to the records, this flame was lit up by the native Americans that to a thousand years ago approximately. There is a natural source of flame which lits up by the gases which constantly keep releasing beneath the fall. Due to this release of natural gas, the flame is still active.

7. Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

Image Source – Google|Image by – flydime / CC BY-SA

Door to Hell is the alternate name of this Darvaza Gas Crater. People also convey it as Gates of Hell. A village called Derweze is the place where this gas crater is present. In the year 1971 when some engineers were breaking the surface with the help of drilling machines, an area of around 200 feet got collapsed and a wide crater came into existence. Due to the big size of this crater, the engineers thought to burn before the place before the release of some harmful gases. They figured out that it would last for 1 or 2 weeks but till this date, the crater is still on fire. There is a constant release of gases which is the prime reason for the existence of the crater.

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So these were 7 Most Terrifying and Mysterious Places in the World which are still unsolved and most of them are still unknown to the world. Now it can be a topic of debate that which is the scariest place? Yet, excluding this do you dare to visit any of this place? Think! Well, till then for more travel-related updates do regularly visit trip limited.

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