Have you ever been to France, most popular and visited the city? I am sure the answer is YES. Tourist from all over the globe has once visited Paris. It is also the capital city of France. The city is not only famous for tourism but also a capital centre for fashion, arts, diplomacy and commerce. The reason behind massive tourism in Paris is not only Eiffel Tower on the other hand, is its diversity. Tourist is getting many options to enjoy, in this city, it is not only, dependent on tourism. Yes, tourist places play an important role in the success of tourism, but there are certainly other activities also.

Here tourist can enjoy fashion, shopping, culture, explore, history, etc. Paris has many stunning landmarks which are now world-famous. Some of them are Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, followed by Paris Fashion Week. The most renowned place is the Eiffel Tower, because of its structure and design. People visit it, click images, take an inside tour of it. Yet, there are so many activities to do around the Eiffel Tower. Here are the top 5 things to do around the Eiffel Tower:

1. Champ de Mars

Do you want to spend time watching the stunning beauty of the tower then you must stay at the Champ de Mars. You can enjoy this beauty of lush greenery from the upper deck of the tower. It looks incredible. It is a 60-acre free space around the tower, where you can enjoy, relax, walk, and prepare for a picnic. Grab the picnic food from the nearby bakery or restaurants and enjoy the delicious food right below the iron lady. While your kids are playing on the lush green ground, till then you can enjoy shopping. A couple of supermarkets are present near the champ de mars. An entirely great place to spend time with your family. The ponds, playground and other facilities are also available here.

2. The Rodin Museum

front view of the rodin museum
Image by ome Willem from Pixabay

This museum was fully functional from 1919 and, it was dedicated, to the artist named Auguste Rodin. This museum contains thousands of masterpiece collections of drawing, sculptures, photographs, etc. Every year millions of people visit this Rodin Museum, as it is only 15 minutes away from the tower. This museum has approximately 7,000 art objects, 8,000 plus drawing, 6,000 sculptures, and around seven to eight thousand photographs. All these antique objects were donated by the Auguste Rodin to the Hotel Biron, which was his workshop. Later this hotel was converted into a museum.

3. Enjoy the Cruise

Cruise on river Seine.
Image by Pierre Blaché from Pixabay

After experiencing the amazing, Eiffel Tower, the next activity which you can do is cruising in water. As you know that the tower is present near the river Seine. Thus it is the next exciting activity where you can explore more things. On this crystal clear water, you can explore the nearby cities and landmarks which, are connected to the river. Enjoying on the cruise is entirely a common activity for most of the tourist but seeing the beauty of the city is entirely worth your time and money. The option of a family gathering or organising a function is also available as a package on the cruise. Sightseeing some amazing, locations like Notre Dame, old bridges and beautiful islands with your family is a whole lot of fun.

4. The Trocadero Garden

Water canons at Trocadero Garden
Image by 9397902 from Pixabay

The Trocadero Garden is a similar place like champ de mars. This garden is also a minute away from the Eiffel Tower. In this open space garden, there is a fountain coupled with a playground where kids can have lots of fun. The Trocadero Garden is the favourite spot of tourist where they can relax and enjoy the quality time with their friends and family. The fountain present in this garden is filled, with 20 plus water cannons, all of them are functional in the evening. It is entirely a picturesque view and, tourist likes to click images in front of these fountains.

5. Visiting the Hotel des Invalides

This Hotel des Invalides was built in the year 1670 by King Louis XIV or known as the Sun King. The objective to start this project was, to medically treat the soldiers and older people. The place is home to many museums, churches, monuments, France military history and the tomb of Napoleon. There are several objects which represents the rich history of the country like the Napoleon statue in the court, military costume present at the museum of France, several statues present in the court of honour. However, the prime attraction is the church known as Dôme des Invalides, which lies in the centre of the entire complex. The dome of this church is made, with gold leaf. The entire architecture and the carving on the interiors is a treat to watch.

So these were some top 5 activities to do around Eiffel Tower. Now you have got a bunch of ideas, on how to spend your quality time around the iron lady. Therefore do visit these places whenever you plan the next trip to Paris. Thus for more travel-related updates do visit trip limited.

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