What would be the most intriguing thing during a trip or vacation? A common answer would be “road trips”. Most of the time the word road trips is associated with bike lovers and with regular travellers. However, it is not correct. The logic behind is that some people are always hunting for an opportunity to travel or to take a road trip. It’s not that another transport medium is not entertaining but road trips give you the freedom to move your vehicle in all directions and act as a free bird.

“Every journey is simultaneously a beginning and an ending: I was leaving my old life behind and starting on a road trip to find a new me.”

Debi Tolbert Duggar

In all over the world, everyone loves road trips. So my question to you is “have you ever consider a road trip”. If not then believe me it is the best experience one can ever have. You will have the opportunity to touch and feel the environment near you. Just don’t wait for anyone, grab some food items, start your vehicle and get ready to explore. Here in this article, you will get to know 11 road trips that you should consider going.

1. India, Manali – Leh Highway

With a total distance of 479 km, from Ladakh to Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the world’s most beautiful road trips. Here you will experience breathtaking natural beauty. This Manali – Leh Highway is in India and the country is known for its ultimate freedom and natural beauty. In your entire journey of 400 plus km, you will experience greenery and snow all over the roads and on mountains.

This Manali Leh highway is only available to drive in summers. From June to October, you can take this highway. Only for 4 months, the roads are clear to drive. Due to heavy snowfall, the entire route is covered in snow and transportation is not allowed. However, the average elevation of this road is 4,000 m which is entirely covered with pleasant landscape on both the sides of roads. You will find mountains and natural structures all over the trip. Thus one should consider Manali – Leh Highway.

2. Australia, The Great Ocean Road

How will you explain something incredible? The Great Ocean Road is somewhat synonym of the word “incredible”. If you are in Australia then do consider driving through this road. Even the road is also listed on the Australian National Heritage site. It starts from Torquay to Allansford both the cities are present in Victoria. Now this entire road is pretty much famous and is a tourist attraction.

This is a dual lane road, on one side there is a massive southern ocean and on the other side, there are mountains. The complete road travels from various towns like Port Campbell, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Anglesea, etc. Through travelling from these towns you may also see some gigantic structures that are formed in millions of years. On the Port Campbell town, you can also view the London Arch. It is a solid rock structure on the shore of the ocean.

3. USA, San Juan Skyway

San Juan Skyway is an interstate highway travel road. The good thing about this road trip is that you will experience some amazing zig-zag roads with several mountains. In which some of the famous mountains are Red mountain, Ouray mountain, Lizard Head Peak, and San Juan Mountain. The total distance of this highway is around 375 km.

Car travelling through Zig-Zag road.
Image Source – Google|Image by – legendsofamerica.com

This road trip is taken through Colorado. Earlier in the year 1988, it is named as National Forest Scenic Byway but next year it was changed and transferred under All-America roads. From the mountains of San Juan Skyway in Colorado the journey can be started. Throughout the journey, you will see lush greenery and wide range of mountains peaks. The distance of 375 km can be covered in approximately two days.

4. Scotland, North Coast 500

One of the most famous and most complex routes for taking a road trip. But still, visitors and hodophile deliberately select this road trip. First & foremost thing is that the journey starts and ends at the same point that is Inverness Castle. The complete route is 830 km long and there are several things to do on this route. If you want to see and feel the beauty of this road trip then the trip should take at least 5 to 7 days to complete.

The Kylesku Bridge on the North Coast 500
Photo by Colin Horn on Unsplash

The facility of campaigning and accommodation is also available on various points of this entire trip. This route was launched in the year 2015. Many spots and points of this trip are covered at North Highland Way. Initially, this project was called NC500 but later it got changed. However, there are castles, mountain, beach, caves, snow-mountainous routes, hotels and restaurants, etc. This North Coast 500 route is filled with spectacular locations.

5. Arizona, Route 66

One who is in the business of road trip knows the importance of Rute 66. This is because this trip is completed through eight states of the US. It starts from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. The total route is 619 km. In earlier days this route was listed into the heaviest travelled routes or highway of the world. Due to which it is also named as “Main Street of America”. Whereas the route is quite straight but still in some places you will spot zig-zag roads.

Back in the days some movies, songs and television shows were also shot here. Driving through these routes is completely mind-blowing. You will view some really cool stuff like small towns, amazing landscapes, etc. Well, I am sure that Route 66 will entirely change your mind and will give you some experience that you will never forget.

6. New Zealand, Milford Sound & West Coast

New Zealand is a perfect place to go on a road trip. It is an island country which is present in the Pacific Ocean. However, the country is mainly divided into two parts the north island and the south island. And most of the beautiful places are in the south region of the country. Here you will have a faceoff with beaches, kayaking, underwater observatory, mitre peak, Bowen falls, homer tunnel and many more exciting places.

A tourist walking on Milford Sound to West Coast.
Image Source – Google|Image by – departmentofwandering.com

There is soo much beauty to appreciate in the west coast. A 120 km long drive to Milford Sound will also take you to a UNESCO site. Fiordland National Park is listed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the largest National Parks of New Zealand. Even the mitre peak is a beautiful destination, it is not possible that you simply pass through it. Its mesmerizing beauty will surely stop you. Even you can opt for a little boat trip to enjoy the beauty of mitre peak.

7. Argentina, Ruta 40

It is one of the world’s largest route for a road trip, covering the distance of around 5000 km. The location of the road is 5000 meters above sea level. This is the only road in the world that tests your limit and capability. The journey starts from Cabo Virgenes to La Quiaca. The route itself has lots of attractive places where you can stay for a while and relax. Some spots do have an accommodation facility. In such a long road trip try to get some friends with you otherwise, you will get bored due to the long journey.

For most of the time, roads are even. However, there are such places where you may find dirt or uneven roads. There are some really amazing highlights that you will observe during the trip. Some special attractions are Salinas Grandes Salt Flats, Abra del Acay mountains, Quebrada de las Flechas, a historic monument named Shinkal de Quimivil. Even you can view Talampaya and Ischigualasto which is a National Park and also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also view a volcano, lake, glacier, etc.

8. Canada, Icefield Parkway

You can complete this road trip in approximately two days. The total distance is around 232 km. This is the Icefield Parkway which is present in Alberta, Canada. It first came into existence in the year 1940. The entire journey starts from Jasper to Lake Louise that is from the north end to south end. You can also continue your journey to the end of the south direction which is known as the border of Vermilion Pass. It is entirely a scenic road which is full of rocky mountains, classic landscapes, national parks, etc.

Bus travelling at Icefield Parkway.
Photo by HY S on Unsplash

While driving you may see the Athabasca waterfall. You must visit this waterfall, it is amazing. There are several other waterfalls but Athabasca waterfall is quite impressive. Another important natural structure you will notice is the glacier and mountains. The complete road is crafted from all these places. That’s why many tourists like to take a road trip so that they can view and experience such amazing things. A perfect season to conduct a road trip in Icefield Parkway is May and September.

9. Italy, Amalfi Coast Road

The Amalfi Coast Road is the shortest road of this entire list. The total distance covered is around 56 km only. This short road trip is in Italy, a country which is famous for Vatican City. Though the trip may be short however, this trip will completely change your mind towards nature. It is a coastal drive where you will find the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and mountains, villages and cliffs on another. It is completely a breathtaking view.

This European trip starts from the Sorrento and ends to Salerno. The entire road is completely free as you will not find any traffic. Yes! the drive is short, hardly it may take two to three hours to complete the journey. However, on the first hand, you should start your journey from an island which is near to Sorrento. Its called island of Cápri which is present in the Bay of Naples. You can even make a pit stop at Amalfi, a town present in the mid of your journey. There is some cathedral which is of the 13th century and a delightful hilltop view.

10. Iceland, Ring Road aka Route 1

From volcano to sea, spectacular mountains to the amusing Northern Lights. You name it and Iceland has it. Yes, you may believe it or not but Iceland has everything that will completely blow your mind. Maybe that’s the reason why Ring Road or Route 1 is famous in terms of the satisfying trip. Surely, it is a cold country but in terms of tourism its sizzling. Well, the Ring Road covers most tourist spots in the country.

With the total distance of 1332 km, it is one of the biggest road trips of Iceland. It may take around 12 to 14 hours to complete the entire journey in a stretch. This Route 1 starts and ends at Reykjavik and it is the capital of Iceland. Well, there are certainly many do not miss locations on this road trip like Gullfoss waterfall, black sand beach, the Kerid volcanic crater, Thingvellir National Park, etc. In this long road trip, you can take a break and visit Akureyri, it is an amazing sight for watching blue whale. July and August are the perfect months to conduct a road trip.

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11. South Africa, Garden Route

South Africa is rich in several types of minerals, platinum, copper, silver, etc. But only a few people know that South Africa is also rich in destinations and travel, therefore, the Garden Route proves this. This route is also said as the most beautiful road trip of the country. The route is spread over the coastal area which enhances its beauty. The entire trip covers a distance of 366 km which can be completed in two to three days. Thus to completely enjoy this Garden Route you need to give at least a week.

Enjoy the beautiful ride on Garden Route, South Africa.
Image by ADD from Pixabay

The Garden Route covers certain activities like beautiful scenic view, Tsitsikamma National Park, Beaches, Congo Caves, Hermanus, etc. The route starts from Port Elizabeth to Mossel Bay where you will see coastlines and can experience hiking also. And if you are into death defining adventure then you should visit Bloukrans Bridge. It is one of the deepest bungee jumping platforms. After all these exercises you can relax at the Mossel Bay where you can enjoy watching whales and other aquatic species. November to March is the most appropriate time for this road trip.

In the end

In their own life, everyone travels but sometimes it is also necessary to change the perspective of travelling. Thus road trips give you a viewpoint through which you can change your mindset. There will be new places that you can explore. Maybe there are difficulties on a road trip but life is full of challenges and opportunities. So don’t be lazy and decide when and where will be your next road trip. So for more travel related updates do visit trip limited.

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