Congratulations! Are you getting married or planning for a second honeymoon? Searching for a new place to enjoy your honeymoon with your partner. Then, it’s the correct time to visit Australia, a place where love is in the air. If you have never-ever visited Australia then you should definitely consider visiting the country. It’s full of joy, enjoyment, love and you will find the best honeymoon destination in Australia.

Let me ask you one thing, what exactly do you want on your honeymoon except for your spouse. Your answer may be a cool environment, good nature and amazing places to visit. Similarly, Australia is a place where you will find all such amazing things including peace and classic scenic beauty, which will completely blow your mind.

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With”

Charles Schulz

To experience this beauty of nature, you need to come close to the environment. Some amazing destinations like Melbourne or Queensland, etc are waiting for you. The country is packed with thrilling cities as well as an endless forest with exotic destinations and various honeymoon destination in Australia.

So just pack your bags to visit these places:

1. Whitsunday

A place with lots of hearts is Whitsunday. It is a place that is made up of several islands. Therefore, it is placed at the tropical coast of Queensland, Australia. With a total number of 74 stunningly beautiful islands, it is listed as the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Visiting the place is amazing and is entirely related to your situation. As a newly wedded couple, you may find a number of beautiful places and scenic natural beauties that will make your trip a daydream.

Couple riding boat at Whitsunday.
Photo by vaun0815 on Unsplash

Don’t miss:  From 74 islands only eight are colonized, which means that you will get plenty of time to spend with each other. You can also enjoy scuba diving, fishing, etc. Here you will also find several hotels for the perfect stay. Some of the attractions are:


Best time to visit: Is between May to December.

Transport: The nearest airport is Whitsunday Coast airport.

2. Melbourne

If you are someone who likes to visit city place and crowded place full of opportunities then Melbourne should be your choice. It’s completely trendy and tasty. Melbourne is a blend of museums, rich food and restaurants, rooftops and most importantly it is a cultural capital and one of the best honeymoon destination in Australia. A place that is entirely suitable for your honeymoon.

Don’t miss: Don’t forget to visit the rooftop bars that have an amazing view and environment. Melbourne is a great place for the sports lover. You will find several events related to sports. Beautiful restaurants and coffee shops at the most prominent and wonderful place. 

Best time to visit: One of the best things is, you can visit all year round.

Transport: The nearest airport is Melbourne airport.

3. Queensland

Visit Queensland to uncover the beauty of it and get inspired by it. Queensland has lots of places to visit. View the Great Barrier Reef to the baby turtles. The place is also famous for its amazing food and culture. Brisbane, Gold coast and some popular cities like Surfers Paradise, Hamilton Island, Noosa, etc. Even the place is packed with lots of holiday deals that will somehow help you in enjoying your stay.

Don’t miss: With a variety of beaches, diving and snorkelling, several themes and national parks are the main attractions of Queensland. If you or your partner is a nature lover then you would love the wildlife and several world heritage sites. Some of the popular things to do with your partner are boating, fishing, sailing, etc. Even Queensland is also famous for its art & culture which also includes the music festival.

Best time to visit: To enjoy all facilities you need to visit between December to February. 

Transport: Brisbane airport is the nearest.

4. New South Wales

Just hitched up and finding some great place to spend your delightful honeymoon then New South Wales would be accurate for you. A place which is completely near to Mother Nature and filled with lots of places to explore with your partner. However, according to me, the honeymoon should not just completely devote to love moreover, it is a time to explore each other with the help of nature and surroundings. Therefore New South Wales is the perfect place for it. You will obtain new experiences and will surely see new and unique places.

Women infront of cave, viewing the sea.
Photo by Marlon Maya on Unsplash

Don’t miss: Obtain a luxury experience of a spa with delicious food and wine. Explore the aboriginal culture with museums related to art and culture. If you are with your vehicle then there are several places where you can enjoy camping. Don’t miss the fun of adventure sports conducted by the organisation.

Best time to visit: The place is quite pleasant and you can travel at any season.

Transport: The nearest airport is the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport.

5. Tasmania

Thinking for Tasmania as a honeymoon destination? It is mainly known for the forest and wildlife. However, it is one of the most stunning places in Australia and famous for a honeymoon destination. Here you will see amazing scenic beauty with astonishing landscapes that are filled with greenery. Tasmania also has world heritage areas like the national parks which also have islands, rivers, valley, etc.   

Don’t miss: Here you may also find a different culture with the blend of art. Thus outdoor adventure is also a big part of Tasmania. However, as a tourist, you may be worried about the stay and accommodation? Therefore don’t worry you will find an ample amount of hotels, apartments and farm stays as well.

Best time to visit: Visit during October to May.

Transport: Hobart airport and Launceston airport are the nearest.

6. The Great Barrier Reef

Want to see the world’s best and the largest coral reef system then you should head towards the Great Barrier Reef. It is approximately 2,300 Km long. Some people say that a tourist can’t swim or dive into the barrier reef. This is completely wrong. You can swim, dive, snorkel and sail into this giant reef. This will give you a lifetime experience. Even the actor Chris Hemsworth said that one should visit the Great Barrier Reef whether you love water or just want to witness one of the wonders of the world.

Preparing for diving.
Photo by Laya Clode on Unsplash

Don’t miss: Believe me, it is one of the most beautiful spots to visit. Especially for the honeymoon couples and other tourists, the facilities are very good. You will surely feel lavish and royal. Some activity you can do with your spouse is taking a romantic walk with your spouse. Sit and relax on the beach or do some water activity. And see the magnificent marine life and also visit some islands like Heron Island, Wilson Island, Dunk Island, etc.

Best time to visit: From June to November is the perfect time to visit.

Transport: Cairns International airport is the nearest one.

7. Kangaroo Island

South Australia’s most terrific and pleasant island is Kangaroo Island. It is the world’s best nature-based destination. There is a number of gorgeous paces where you can take a walk with your spouse or relax and chat for hours. It has a huge 509 km of coastline; imagine never-ending coastline is a treat to watch. With amazing beach and sunset, altogether will make your honeymoon a memorable trip. The Island is also famous for wildlife and it is also referred to as “zoo without fences”.

Don’t miss: You need to see the turquoise water and the white sand beach. View the amazing wildlife with the amalgamation of history and nature. You can even visit the spa and beaches to relax. Some of the amazing places to visit are the Kingscote and Parndana and the American River. At Kangaroo Island some events are pretty much famous and some of them are art exhibition and some live music concert.

Best time to visit: Summers is the correct season to spend your honeymoon period here.

Transport: Kingscote airport is the nearest one.

8. Kimberley

We are committed to telling you the best and perfect place for your honeymoon. So Kimberley is the next destination in our list. Do you like surreal beauties? Then Kimberley is the perfect place for you. It is present in the north-western corner of Australia. The key attraction is the mind-blowing canyons where fresh & clean water flows through it. All in all, it makes a perfect place for spending the most important trip of your life. 

Enjoying a boat ride on a lake at Kimberley.
Image by jancolaco from Pixabay

Don’t miss: Take stay at the El Questro wilderness park. Even you can take a freshwater swim. And don’t forget the helicopter ride. Go for the national park tour where you will find numerous wildlife animals. Enjoy the valley, it is one of the best places for clicking images. It’s the correct time and place to capture the moment through your camera. And do visit the Mitchell fall and the Cape Leveque.

Best time to visit: From April to October.

Transport: Broome International airport is the nearest one.

9. Perth

Perth is another destination which is an amalgamation of places and culture. Here you will find two aspects of the city one is the city life with tall buildings and busy life and another is the soft sand beaches where you can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. You will find the perfect mixture of nature and urban life. If you are selecting Perth then definitely you will enjoy it.

Don’t miss: You can visit the Cottesloe beach where you will find the beach of the Indian Ocean. Here you can take a deep dip in this crystal clear water. The city is also famous for its bars and high-class restaurants. Enjoy the drink and dinner with your partner. Do visit the city skyline and also visit the museum and other art places. Go to Perth beach and opt for surfing. There are limitless food options in Perth.

Best time to visit: From September to November.

Transport: Perth airport is the nearest one.

10. Noosa

Yes, we have saved the best place for you. Noosa is one of them. Noosa is a coastal town and it is present on the sunshine coast of Queensland. The place is loaded with ultimate beach, river, adventurous sports, national parks and many more things to do. It is one of the most beautiful places ever seen in Australia. Your trip to Noosa will change your mood.

Don’t miss: There are lots of things to do like beaches, river fun, wonderful places to sit and relax. Even you can have fun sports play like golf, etc. Similarly, adventure travel, shopping, art & culture museums. Some of the key attraction is the Noosa National Park, Sunshine Coast, Noosa beach. Apart from all this fun, you can take the village rides where you will find new places and unique culture.

Best time to visit: February to April is the perfect time to visit.

Transport: Sunshine Coast airport is the nearest one.

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In the end

So these were some of the delightful destinations of Australia, where you can enjoy your honeymoon period and make it memorable for-ever. Yes, all these places are not from one part of the region of Australia but scattered around the country. We have ascertained the best place for you. So for more travel, related updates do visit trip limited.

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